Jay Z REMOVES nearly all his music from Spotify

The US rapper’s back catalogue is no longer fully available on the streaming service after he removed nine his 12 albums.

This action is a long time coming for Jay Z, who bought rival streaming service Tidal to ensure artists got fairer deals that fered by Spotify.

The only three studio albums remaining on the site are In My Lifetime Vo. 1, Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life and Reasonable Doubt.

There is also a mash-up album with Linkin Park called Collison Course but we’re not counting that one.

Spotify confirmed the removal the albums ‘at the request the artist.”

Taylor Swift is another artist whose back catalogue does not appear on the streaming service, while Jay’s wife Beyoncé has not shared her latest album, LEMONADE, either.

Jay Z’s Tidal is struggling to compete with the likes Spotify and Apple Music after he bought the service for £45m in 2015.

Tidal has only three million subscribers compared to Spotify’s 50 million and Apple Music’s 20 million.

Jay is expected to release a brand new album this year after confirming an appearance at this year’s V Festival.

The rapper is scheduled to perform this August at the UK festival despite the fact Beyoncé is giving birth to twins this summer.

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