Lucy Spraggan SLAMS radio stations and reveals she’s written a Christmas song

It’s been five years since Lucy Spraggan shot to fame on The X Factor, and although she had to leave the competition early, the singer has gone on to solo success.

The singer-songwriter, known for her quirky lyrics and fun acoustic melodies, has released four albums since 2011 and the latest, I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing, was one the top 20 albums upon release in January year.

“I independently released my album and it got to number 12 with no national radio play and no national anything really,” Lucy explains to OK! Online over the phone.

The 25-year-old is signed to CTRL Records but she’s had to put in a lot hard work herself – and without much backing compared to other artists in the chart – to get to where she is today.

“It’s s**t. All the people that don’t write their tracks, I don’t know, on ticket sales there are people that are playing on the radio that can’t sell the tickets that I have,” Lucy says.

“You just have to take what you’ve got and it’s great but it would be greater to get on the radio.”

The Sheffield-born singer doesn’t sound morose about the situation, despite how political it is for artists to get their songs played on the likes BBC Radio 1 or Capital FM. In fact, she isn’t much a fan listening to the radio right now either. 

“What I don’t like about music and why I struggle to listen to the radio is because, bar Ed Sheeran and some rappers, no one is actually saying anything,” the singer says. “No one’s being like, ‘don’t be a d**k,’ most the time they’re saying ‘be a d**k!'”

Despite her misgivings about the current chart ferings, Lucy actually has a plan to get on the airwaves later this year.

“I’ve just wrote a Christmas song so fingers crossed,” Lucy enthuses. “It’s a Fairytale New York-type vibe, so fingers crossed we’ll get some radio play with that.

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