Selena Gomez’s music video for Bad Liar features a Taylor Swift cameo

The American singer released Bad Liar online and eagle-eyed viewers spotted Taylor in a poster on the bedroom wall Selena’s high school character.

The poster is for Charlie’s Angels and Selena made sure her BFF was front and centre on it.

The Bad Liar video – directed by Girls director Jesse Peretz – is set in the 1970s and follows Selena’s introverted high schooler as she makes her way to school.

She also plays the teacher-father and mother the high school student, and a gym teacher who seems to having a flirty affair with the dad.

The high school student is also revealed to have a crush on the gym teacher too.

Bad Liar is the latest single from Selena which also samples Talking Heads’ 1977 song Psycho Killer.

Selena is a massive fan the American rock band and reached out to bassist Tina Weymouth before its release to get her blessing to use the bassline.

Weymouth told Variety that “it’s good to be appreciated,” while David Byrne said he “loved it and approved it.”

Talking Heads drummer Chris Frantz ( and Tina’s husband) said it “was a big surprise and a delight to learn that a new generation is getting introduced to both the song and Weymouth’s bass style].”

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