Eminem Unleashes Machine Gun Kelly Diss Track ‘Killshot’

Eminem fires back. Following Machine Gun Kelly’# & s 8220;-LRB-************************************) Devil” diss, Eminem has reacted with his own scathing diss track. “-LRB-***************************) your buffs become your haters,” states Em prior to bringing up Rihanna. “-LRB-***********************************) only hit me onto a… Continue Reading

Frank Ocean Wants into Be Removed From Travis Scott’s’Astroworld’

Frank Ocean is beefing with Travis Scott within their #8220;-LRB-*******************************************************)” alliance Astroworld. According into TMZ, Ocean and Scott had a fallout within the tune in the months leading up to the record ’s August release. var Tynt=-LRB-**********************************)||[];-LRB-**********************************).cmd=-LRB-**********************************).cmd||[]; Tynt.cmd. Push ();… Continue Reading