Mozzy – Dear (Mumble Rappers Diss) | Stream

Sacramento's Mozzy recently made his ficial pitch to be a 2017 XXL Freshman, telling the magazine why he deserves a spot on the cover. Now you can hear him rap his case with his new song, "Dear XXL." The track is meant to be a diss against "mumble rappers," some whom Mozzy thinks may end up as Freshmen. "We causin' problems for that mumblin' shit, auto-tune, and all that hummin' and shit," he raps. 

He also refers to his fellow nominees as "queers" and raps, "Cypher was dry as fuck, that ain't somethin' you air." Does this mean Mozzy has already participated in the 2017 cypher? Whether or not he makes the cover, he clearly has little respect for those he's competing with. 

"Dear XXL" is produced by Dave-O, Jay Nari, and MMMOnDaBeat. 

Quotable Lyrics 

Look at all the trash that been on that cover 
Half these n*ggas suckin' dick undercover 
Gettin' XXL, no doubt about it, yeah, the streets'll prevail 
Had a dream about this shit in my cell