BabyTron Launches His Presidential Campaign & Wants You To Vote “#TRON4PREZ”

BabyTron has been putting on for the underground scene over the last couple of years now. However, over the last 12 months, he is flirting with more mainstream success as of late. For example, in late January, him and G Herbo linked up to provide their talents on “Equilibrium”. That track landed on the debut Lyrical Lemonade record All Is Yellow. Now, in the next few days, he will be landing on “Tobey”, Eminem‘s second single for his upcoming album The Death of Slim Shady. Big Sean is also in the mix and it could be a great moment for the Michigan rap scene, as three different generations are colliding. So, it makes perfect sense for BabyTron to come by with a new song of his own, such as “#TRON4PREZ”.

As of late, the charismatic MC has been dropping a lot of his new material on YouTube. “#TRON4PREZ” is no different and it is quite the hilarious presidential campaign. What also makes this track tick is the creative beat. It samples the stock audio that you would hear at the start of a breaking news segment on TV. It kicks the record off and seamlessly transitions and plays throughout the instrumental. This is just one other reason why there are not many like BabyTron right now. Give “#TRON4PREZ” a try with the link below.

All that tough talk, bet I’m somewhere where he won’t go
Got this s*** on lock like I done mastered every choke hold
I don’t need nothin’, cough syrup, peach soda
Three sips of this and I’ma hit a deep coma
All this winnin’ got them boys sick, Ebola, b****