Chance The Rapper Delivers Massive Update On New Album “Star Line”

Chance The Rapper fans have been waiting for a new album from the hitmaker for years now, and fortunately, it looks like their demands will be answered soon. The Chicago-born performer unveiled a new single from his upcoming LP Star Line earlier this month, “Stars Out.” The track left listeners with high expectations, with many predicting that his next project will mark the start of a major comeback.

During a recent interview with Complex, he discussed Star Line and provided viewers with some exciting new details of the album. He said that it’s mostly finished, meaning that fans will likely get to hear it very shortly. According to him, it’s 83 percent done.

Chance The Rapper’s New Album Is 83% Finished

“We’re living in the project right now,” he explained. “The thing is, no one has the attention span for what the conversation needs to be. So I’m piecing it together. I’m living in it with my fans, with the new artists I come in contact with… I’m really enjoying this process time.” Chance went on, revealing why working on his last album wasn’t nearly as enjoyable.

“Sometimes the process time is really stressful and hectic,” he said. “For my last project, I’d just gotten married, I just had a baby, I was about to separate from my management. Like, I had so many things going on and now, it’s not like ain’t sh*t going on — it’s a lot going on — but I’m really able to revel in the creative process and put everything into that and be 100 percent myself and present in the now.” What do you think of Chance The Rapper’s latest update on his upcoming album? Are you looking forward to hearing Star Line? Are you a fan of his latest single, “Stars Out”? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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