Darkim Be Allah x Endemic Emerald – “Antediluvian King” (Album Review)

Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Darkim Be Allah has been one of the most respected MC’s in the entire underground since the mid 90s. Recently, he has teamed up with renowned producer Endemic Emerald for a brand new album titled “Antediluvian King”. With the resumes these two have, can coming together result in their best work to date?

With a sonic mastermind backing every word he says, Darkim Be Allah elevates his already phenomenal pen game to new levels. Rhyming with so much passion and depth, there is nothing but knowledge and beauty drawn from his performance. Whether it’s the retrospective “Doing It” or the thought-provoking “You Know the Gravity”, there’s so much to be deciphered here. “Real Black” was a definite standout as Darkim raps about the pride he walks with due to everything he and his ancestors have endured. Complementing his masterful songwriting, his slippery delivery on cuts like “Original Light” and “God of the Universe” is perfect due to the mysterious undertone it rubs off on the rest of the project. “The Lockdown” was another highlight as in two minutes, the veteran MC chills the listener with his rebellious lines. In all its glory, the best part about the entire record is that Allah is able to paint pictures that will take hours to decipher in only 26 minutes. With ten tracks of pure greatness, Darkim Be Allah moves up the all-time underrated rappers list with his performance here. 

Endemic Emerald continues to stand out as one of the underground sonic leaders as his minimalistic loops make for one of the most engaging experiences all year. Whether it’s the grimy piano of “Bx-Qb” or the basic chopped up vocals on “The Lockdown”, the New York City-based beatmaker comes off as a master no matter what he aims for. “God’s Wrath” was a definite highlight as its eerie background noises and dug up hook make for quite the thrill. The ability to throw skits in between songs is another amazing feature as it makes moments like “Original Light” hold more depth and power within the tracklist. Out of all the little touches, none are more satisfying than the soul sampled hooks on “Knowledge & Wisdom”, as the ambient vibes its gives off are unmatched. With another great production job under his belt, Endemic Emerald shoots up the top producers of the 2020 list.

For anyone who’s craving polished bars and raw boom-bap, “Antediluvian King” is what your looking for. Being composed of two underground favorites, Darkim Be Allah and Endemic Emerald come together to make a full-fledged experience that contains lyrical and sonic twists at each corner. Going forward, I’m not sure what’s in store for these two, but if Allah and Emerald make another collaboration, more polishing and powerful commentary can make their next record one of hip hops finest offerings!

Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Songwriting, Production, Depth