Diddy Allegedly At Risk Of Indictment As Grand Jury Is Formed In New York

Diddy is one of the biggest music moguls in the world. However, he is currently being investigated by the Justice Department. As we have extensively reported, Diddy’s homes were raided a couple of months ago. This subsequently led to all sorts of speculation about what would happen next. Furthermore, the investigation came in the midst of numerous lawsuits and allegations against the artist. Since last November, Puff has been accused of sexual assault, rape, trafficking, and physical abuse, among other transgressions.

Most recently, Diddy was seen physically assaulting Cassie on camera. This hotel footage was from 2016 and immediately shocked the hip-hop world. Moreover, a recent article from Rolling Stone showcased testimonials from Diddy’s old friends, and they were not kind. This morning, things have seemingly gone from bad to worse for the mogul. Overall, this is due to the forming of a Grand Jury in New York, according to TMZ. The Grand Jury is located in the Southern District of New York, and it has been noted that witnesses might be asked to testify in front of it, very soon.

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Diddy Under Investigation

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After a months-long investigation, it appears as though prosecutors are looking to present the evidence they have compiled. Subsequently, the Grand Jury will take in the evidence, and decide whether or not Diddy will be indicted and on what charges. It’s being said that Homeland Security has been extremely careful with its investigation and that they are doing everything they can to make sure they build a solid case. While it is unknown whether or not Diddy will be indicted, this most recent development certainly puts the mogul at risk.

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