You know it’s going to be rocking when El Bomba & Roast Beatz tell you there’s a Party Over Here – and so it proves on their new EP which channels the old school while keeping an eye on the sound of the party breakbeat present. The pair supply two tracks apiece taking turns to drop heat and El Bomba is first out of the starting blocks with Take A Break‘s bouillabaisse of old school beats and phrases. Roast Beatz supplies the title track and if that starts off in a more mellow manner things soon come over all club-wards bound and will have punters jumping. In the second half, El Bomba’s second crack of the whip marries a beat, bass groove and guitar loop in a manner that gives yet more creedence to claims about his skills while Roast Beatz drops the equally funky Get On Down. And now you mention it – you won’t mind if you do!
(Out 9 July on Cuttin It Fine)