Funny Marco Has Hilarious Reaction To DM He Got From Chris Rock After G Herbo Debacle

After this viral interview with G Herbo, Funny Marco says he got a surprise text. Funny Marco revealed he got a text from Chris Rock on a podcast with Shaq, saying that after his sitdown with the rapper, she got a text from Chris Rock. In the episode, the popular comedian was repeatedly called names and instructed to “shut the f**k up” by the Chicago rapper, who also called him “goofy” several times. He said in the aftermath, “I understand a lot of y’all mad about the interview,” Marco stated. “I was upset while it was going on, but I understand I got a job to do, and one thing about me [is] I respect people on my show. I didn’t want to match [their] energy.”

Chris Rock, in an attempt to relate to and show support to the young comedian, texted Funny Marco. Marco had an extremely funny response to getting a message from Chris Rock, who was still recovering from getting slapped by Will Smith. Overall, the whole situation is a little funnier now that Marco has shared this story. 

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Funny Marco Sasy Chris Rock Texted Him After G Herbo Interview

Funny Marco tells Shaq, after the big man asked if the incident was real, that the incident was real and that they were at another level of trolling, and he personally didn’t know how to match it. He says afterward Chirs Rock DM’d him, “Keep your head up. It happened to me.” Marco says he replied, “You got slapped…” He says Chris Rock read the message and left it alone. Marco says don’t compare what happened to him when Rock got slapped by Will Smith. The comedian getting trolled in an interview and getting half-threatened isn’t the same as getting actually slapped.

Comedian Chris Rock was famously slapped by Will Smith on live TV at the Academy Awards. After making a GI Jane joke at the expense of Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smiths. Will Smith walked up on the stage and smacked a smiling Chris Rock in the face. It was an unprecedented moment in Oscar’s history. Funny Marco says don’t confuse his viral interview with getting slapped on worldwide television. Overall, Marco’s Chris Rock story is hilarious.

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