Genecist – “Foreword” EP

Genecist 2nd released EP “Foreword” is the beginning to a series of projects Genecist plans to drop in the very near future that tells the tale of the journey Genecist has found his way on through music and the trials, choices, and revelations that were brought forth on this path. All Blerds, Comic book, Anime, and Video Games fans will find a deep appreciation for the lyrics without leaving out the average listener!  Enjoy the compilation of stories and songs that mark specific time periods in Genecist’s career and if you’re into reading, be on the lookout for Genecist’s guide through Foreword as well as future projects. This guide will be packed with Fictional tales, True Stories, and deeper proverbial understandings of the songs, and their lyrics! Whether Hip-Hop,R&B or other, Genecist is a breath of fresh air to all those that appreciate Good Music!