Headie One Tells The Full Story About His Musical Come-Up On “The Last One”

Headie One is of the United Kingdom’s most reputable rappers for a lot of reasons. Whether it be his bangers, great topical focus, or commanding presence on the mic, he is always offering up something for everyone. Headie One is showcasing all of these qualities on his sophomore album, The Last One. This the Tottenham, London native’s follow-up to his debut LP, EDNA, back in 2020. Additionally, it is the closing chapter in his “One”-titled mixtape series.

The first of them hit streaming in 2018 with The One and the sequel would follow later that year. For Headie One, The Last One is his story about entering the music industry and everything that has followed. He explained it in an interview with The Line of Best Fit, saying, “I’ve made a lot of music that tells a story, but I feel like the stories are all separate and individual from each other. I’ve never told the full story, from start to finish, about how I came into music and how things were up until a certain point. That’s the story the album is telling”.

One track that Headie One cites as extremely important to The Last One‘s themes about this up-and-down journey is “Martin’s Sofa”. Even though it originally dropped back in January of last year, this track still fits seamlessly in this tracklist. It sort of pays homage to his friend Martin who let him crash at his place while he was trying to make it in rap. It is extremely touching and one of many vulnerable hits on this stacked project.