How Many Kids Does Joie Chavis Have?

Since she got into the limelight, Joie Chavis has built up an interesting career for herself. Over the years, she has also gotten into a number of high-profile relationships with notable celebrities. Nonetheless, Joie Chavis seems focused on living her best life and is a present mother to her kids. She has ignored the negativity, and repeatedly chosen herself. Despite the backlash she received when she began dating Trevon Diggs, the pair have been together for about two years now. The 25-year-old NFL cornerback is also the father of Chavis’ soon-to-be-born child.

This will mark Chavis’ third child. Joie Chavis already has two children, Shai, who she shares with Bow Wow, and Hendrix, who she shares with Future. For those curious about her family, get introduced to her two children below.

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Shai Moss (12)

Shai Moss was born to Joie Chavis and Bow Wow on April 27, 2011, and is the oldest of Joie’s kids. Although her parents are no longer together, the 12-year-old has grown up cultivating a good relationship with both of them. Since she was very young, Shai has displayed a natural talent for the arts. Like Joie Chavis, Shai is a good dancer and has a talent for singing, as well. Furthermore, the youngster is also a budding actress and has already begun showcasing her acting chops. She made her acting debut in 2021 appearing in Nickelodeon’s Side Hustle.

By all means, even at such a young age, Shai has started making a name for herself. However, in November 2023, Joie Chavis shared with fans that Shai didn’t want to start a career just yet, which her father previously disclosed. According to Chavis, Shai just wished to be a normal kid, and told her, “I feel like you and dad are trying to pressure me into acting and all this stuff. I don’t want to do it.” Although Joie Chavis would have preferred for Shai to follow that path, she is a mother who heeds the desires of her kids. Since then, the 12-year-old has appeared significantly less on social media. Regardless, Shai Moss still has an impressive following on social media, with over 500 thousand followers on Instagram alone.

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Hendrix (5)

The second of her kids, Joie Chavis gave birth to Hendrix on December 14, 2018. However, she didn’t reveal his birth until December 25, 2018 when she shared photos on Instagram. Soon after Hendrix was born, his parents broke up. Chavis has mentioned that neither Future nor Bow Wow give her child support. Nonetheless, she has maintained an amicable relationship with them and co-parents their kids. On Hendrix’s third birthday in 2021, his parents came together to throw him a Spider-Man-themed party. Some photos from the celebration found their way to social media and it seemed to be a fun event for all in attendance. Hendrix is now five years old, and has a cute relationship with his older sister, Shai Moss. Soon, he will no longer be the youngest of his mother’s kids as Joie Chavis is set to give birth sometime soon.