Jim Jones Is “Too Turnt” With Taylor Ricard & Dilla Illa On New Single

Jim Jones is continuing to move past a turbulent couple of days just over a month ago. The longtime New York native rapper was at a Florida airport, when he was tag teamed by two men on an escalator. Outside of some bruising, the MC was pretty much unscathed afterwards. However, the same could not be said for one of his assailants, as he was bloodied pretty bad. Overall, though, things seem to be smoothing out. Since that wild and viral incident, Jim Jones has been getting back in the booth, with “Too Turnt” being one of his latest examples.

This is the veteran’s first solo release of the year, but it follows up a handful of collaborations. One of his biggest ones includes his appearance on “6 Minutes”. That is the opening track of Ghostface Killah‘s latest record, Set The Tone (Guns & Roses). Others include Richie Valentino, Brodie Fresh, and Ron Suno. This time through, Jim is running the show, as he heads a roster of Taylor Ricard and Dilla Illa. As the title suggests, “Too Turnt” is about that feeling very feeling. It helps that the music video was filmed in Miami during the nighttime. It sells the uncontrollable party atmosphere of the song with great effect.

Listen To “Too Turnt” By Jim Jones, Taylor Ricard & Dilla Illa

Quotable Lyrics:

I can’t love no h*, I be throwin’ up the peace sign (Oh, yeah)
Kill her from the back and tell her put her phone on decline (Ayy, decline)
In the coupe, be gettin’ head with my seat still on the recline (Uh)
Tell ’em n****s, “Free Slime” (Woo, free Slime), l’ma say it three times (Woo)
I can’t trust no ho ’cause my momma taught me better (Baby)
Almost cost my opp thot ’cause I thought her head was better (Uh, yeah)