Joie Chavis Addresses Weight Gain Comments Amid Pregnancy

Being in the spotlight like Joie Chavis certainly comes with its fair share of perks, but evidently, it also can have quite a few downsides. Currently, the personality and her partner Trevon Diggs are expecting a child, and she’s in her third trimester. Despite being far along in her pregnancy, she’s been staying active and decided to show off some of her impressive dance moves on Instagram earlier this week.

In a clip, she’s seen getting down to Beyonce with her baby bump proudly on display. While most commenters were quick to praise the mother for continuing her healthy habits well into her pregnancy, others had some less-than-kind things to say about her body. She was quick to address this in a subsequent Instagram Story, making it clear that she doesn’t have any intentions of letting the hate get her down.

Joie Chavis Shows Off Her Impressive Dancing Skills

In her post, Chavis revealed that throughout her previous pregnancies, she refrained from sharing photos and clips of her body. According to her, it’s negative comments that prompted her to keep her changing figure under wraps. Now, she says she doesn’t care and doesn’t have any problems embracing her body in whatever state it’s in at the moment. “This felt so good,” she wrote. “The ‘she got big’ comments are sending me lol. This is exactly why I hid after 6 months with my other pregnancies because of insensitive comments like that.”

“I was so self conscious because everyone expects me to stay so small & fit. Idc anymore. I let my body do what it does and worry about it later,” she also added. What do you think of Joie Chavis’ response to critics making negative comments about her body? What about her continuing to stay active in the third trimester of her pregnancy? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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