Juice Potter – “Project Potter“ (Album Review)

Garden State rapper, Juice Potter, is a rapper who has been representing the sound of New Jersey since 2016. He holds some impressive accolades, including over 100,000 streams in over 7 countries for his last EP titled “Potterville” and having shared stages with artists like A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. On 21 October, Potter released an album titled “Project Potter” which is 10 tracks long and features Mo8Money, Knew Era, Gleesh EBE and Tiyahnn.

This tape is very well done and was apparently a beautiful accident. The production across the whole project is perfectly curated and Juice delivers a body of energetic, and generally impressive flows.

“Sauce Pt. 2” was an instant favourite. The beat bangs, the hook is ridiculously catchy and both Potter and Knew Era put on world class performances. Honestly, this song could become a late 2020 anthem for the culture. Lyrically, the whole song is braggadocios and I don’t know if this is the best song on the tape, but it’s definitely a big mood.

“Project Pott” is such a fresh track! Juice Potter is prolific in this song. His flow is clean, the hook is catchy, he manages some descent bars and the production has big potential to become iconic. This track is a winner.

P.H.A.T”, this is a good track and I heard in an interview that there are parts about the song which are about some guy that he only heard about in passing, from a mutual friend. The story itself is kind of funny, but I found it impressive how Juice is able to take the seemingly small moments of life and turn them into what is essentially a hit song.

This was a really fun tape to listen to. Juice Potter brings something different to every track while managing to deliver high energy every time. His cadence is truly applaud worthy and he enlisted some nice features, Knew Era completely killed it! The tape had that polished sound too, and I am personally big on that. This was the kind of tape that makes a statement to the rest of the industry. If you haven’t heard of him already, get familiar. Because Mr Potter and his team are not here to play games. This was a very well done project. Follow him on Instagram: @jugopotter

Score: 9/10