Lil Tjay Is Determined To Succeed On “No No”

One thing that is pretty consistent when it comes to Lil Tjay‘s music is that he is never afraid to get personal. Usually, he will focus on topics such as self-confidence, broken relationships, or coming to grips with being alone or just a handful of people. On this latest Lil Tjay single, “No No”, the latter is the thematic focus, and you can hear the rawness coming from him. As per usual, The Bronx native is mixing his high pitch singing with melodic flows over a dramatic instrumental. The latter has a steady groove to it, with sad piano keys and New York drill-esque drums leading the way.

What also seems to be another constant is that Tjay’s tracks are ideal for the late summer nights. “No No” is recapturing that same vibe for us and it will be in rotation going forward. Fans are also enjoying his messages of riding with your closest guys and making it out. However, they are noticing one major issue with “No No”. When you listen to the song, you can hear a slight fuzziness throughout Tjay’s performance. Fans were quick to point out the mixing error in his IG comments. One user writes, “this is a good song but why is the final mixing so horrible, it doesnt sound right at all, rerelease this with mixing and mastering”. Time will tell if the hitmaker makes the adjustments but give “No No” a try below.

Listen To “No No” By Lil Tjay

Quotable Lyrics:

Back to the heat, can’t relax, now I’m back on my feet
We ain’t never goin’ back to the streets
Money gettin’ long, n****s mad they couldn’t come along
I remember they were laughin’ at me (Laughin’ at me)
Bad energy, trench kid, mad energy
Pray to the Lord ’cause I’m free