Lord Goat & Stu Bangas – “Final Expenses” (EP Review)

Lord Goat is 46 year old MC most known for being a member of the seminal New York underground quartet Non Phixion. His 2004 solo debut The Art of Dying is a certified underground classic & it wouldn’t be until 9 years later when it was followed up with Electric Lucifer. He just dropped Coffin Syrup back in March & now 7 months later, here we are with a brand new EP produced entirely by Stu Bangas.

The opener “Red Asphalt” talks about murder over an icy instrumental whereas the next song “Infernal Majesty” with Vinnie Paz sees the 2 talking about being top notch spitters over an unsettling boom bap beat. The track “Devious” talks about how psycho he is over an ominous instrumental while the song “Mystics in Bali” with Ill Bill finds the 2 talking about Satanic antics over a grimy beat.

The track “AGC” with NEMS sees the 2 bragging & talking their shit over a demented instrumental while the song “Live from Mexico” with Blizz, Ill Bill & Spit Gemz finds the 4 talking about mobbing on dudes over an frightening beat. “The Neighborhood” with Apathy sees the 2 talking about what it was like growing up in their hometown over an hair-raising instrumental while the penultimate track “John Stamos” talks about engaging in criminal activity over a spooky beat. The EP finishes with “Glasses Onion”, where Lord Goat & Recognize Ali talk about carving up their competition over a heinous instrumental.

I think Final Expenses is the best thing that Lord Goat has put out ever since he returned to the rap game & I’ll even say it’s right behind The Art of Dying for his magnum opus. He sounds as relentless as ever on the mic & Stu Bangas does a great job at providing a great musical backdrop for him as well.

Score: 8/10