Rick Ross & His Crew Brutalized By Drake’s Alleged Goons In Viral Fight Footage

All hell broke loose this past weekend in Canada. Several video clips are going viral right now of Rick Ross and his team getting into a violent fight with alleged Drake goons. According to AllHipHop, this intense brawl took place during the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver. The footage starts when Ross and another burly man are jawing at each other. After about 20 seconds, things continue to escalate from there. Right now, the belief is that the MMG label leader had the DJ at the event (presumably DJ Sam Sneak) play Kendrick Lamar‘s hit diss track, “Not Like Us”. This then led tension levels to rise rapidly.

So, after the arguing, Rick Ross received a mean punch to the face. That kicked off a lot of pushing and shoving between each entourage. Then, one of the Mississippi rapper’s crew mates was essentially beaten to a pulp, as at least three to four men whaled on him. He crawled into a ball and protected himself from kicks and punches. Finally, toward the end of the nasty scuffle, it appears that DJ Sam even gets knocked out cold on the ground, presumably receiving some medical attention afterwards. In total, the most detailed clip lasts for nearly three minutes, and it is certainly brutal.

Rick Ross & His Crew Take The L Against Drake’s “Gang”

Even though Drake was not there for the beatdown, he seems to like what he sees from his potential OVO “gang”. A news account on social media by the name of 6ixaktv reshared the video on Instagram and The Boy liked the post. The captions read, “@richforever met the BC demons at his show tonight…He shouldn’t have played @kendricklamar hit record”. That sentiment was repeated by the Canadians throughout the showdown. Neither Ross nor Drake has spoken about the throw down, but it is clear that their feud is far from over.

What are your thoughts on Rick Ross and his boys getting into a brawl with Drake’s alleged goons? Do you think it was the DJ playing “Not Like Us” that sparked the tension? Or do you think it was something else? How much longer do you foresee this beef between Ross and Drake lasting? We would like to hear what you have to say, so leave your thoughts in the comments. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Drake and Rick Ross. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on in the music world.