Stephen A. Smith Accepts Draymond Green’s On-Air Apology 

Golden State Warriors Draymond Green appeared on Shaq’s”The Big Podcast” last week and had some words for Stephen A. Smith. Green told Shaq, “Stephen A. Smith really pissed me off.” He clarified why he had a problem with Stephen A. by claiming that despite his appearance on camera, he consistently stood up for him. When Draymond was suspended earlier in the NBA season, Draymond said Stephen A. did not act similarly. Green says he “lost a lot of respect” for Smith as a result. Stephen A. Smith responded by going in on Green on First Take as their disagreement was a public affair. Now, Dyarmond Green has apologized to Stephen A. Smith for the misunderstanding on live TV. 

Prior to Game 4 of the Western Conference finals, guest commentator Green apologized live on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” pregame program for his earlier remarks about no longer respecting Smith. Draymond said, “[Shaquille O’Neal], I was on your podcast… and you just mentioned Stephen A,” Green said, “And I said something that didn’t come out the way I said it, so I want to apologize to him. I said that publicly … I was wrong for that.” Shockingly, Draymond Green has taken the high road and apologized for something he did. Stephen A. Accepted the gesture.

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Draymond Green Apologizes And Stephen A. Smith Accepts

Smith immediately replied on Twitter, both apologizing for his own actions and accepting Green’s apologies. Smith said on social media, “Apology accepted my brother [Draymond Green],” Smith said “The love is always here for you, my Queens’ brother Kenny [Smith], and the whole TNT crew. Love y’all. I apologize as well, for anything I may have done. I’m not trying to hurt anybody. Now let’s enjoy this marvelous NBA basketball we’re about to see.”

Smith is well-known for his sharp opinions. The ESPN personality was perturbed by Green’s extended ban for hitting Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkić in the face during a game on December 12. Now the beef is settled, and the two can go back to being cool with one another. The two seem to have put their differences behind them, and now they can both concentrate on the upcoming 2024 NBA Finals. Overall, Draymond and Green’s public reconciliation was a good moment. 

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