YG Announces Release Date For New Summer Mixtape

The West Coast is having a moment. Kendrick Lamar brought everybody together for the “Pop Out” show, and generated cultural momentum that fans haven’t seen in years. YG was one of the artists who performed at the “Pop Out,” which not only confirmed his anti-Drake stance but solidified his reputation as a Bompton legend. It’s good to be a YG fan these days, and the rapper just made it better by revealing plans for a brand new mixtape.

YG broke the news on June 24. He posted the artwork for the mixtape on social media, along with the title and release date. The tape will be called Just Re’d Up 3, and the release date is August 16. There’s a lot to unpack here. For one, the rapper is striking while the West Coast iron is hot. His cache, as well as that of longtime collaborator DJ Mustard, is an all time high. Mustard has an album on the way, and so it makes perfect sense that YG would drop something as well. As one can infer from the title, Just Re’d Up 3 will be the latest installment in the rapper’s beloved Re’d Up series.

YG Returns To The Mixtape Series He Started In 2011

The first Just Re’d Up helped establish YG as a viable artist in 2011. Just Re’d Up 2 dropped when YG was on the cusp of becoming a mainstream star in 2013. The rapper hasn’t gone back to the series in over a decade, which could suggest a back-to-basics approach. The new single “Weird” supports this theory. YG takes aim at “weird rappers” on the track, with an instrumental that harkens back to his old sound. “You bitter-a*s n**gas be sweet, like Cheerios. Weird-a*s n**ga, you n**gas lame,” he raps. “When it’s smoke, don’t ever mention my name. You gon’ have me jeapoardizin’ my fame.”

The common reading of these lyrics is that he’s dissing Drake. The 6 God mentioned YG by name on “Family Matters,” and even though the mention was positive, it appears YG didn’t appreciate it. The fact that YG showed up to support Kendrick Lamar at the “Pop Out” show made it clear that he’s team K. Dot in the rap civil war. Other singles like “Miss My Dawgs” and the Spanish-flavored “KNOCKA” are set to appear on the Just Re’d Up 3 tracklist as well.

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