Yung Joc Apologizes To Megan Thee Stallion After Publicly Doubting Her

Megan Thee Stallion was put through the ringer during her legal battle against Tory Lanez. Many believed that she was making false accusations against the R&B singer. These same people went after her publicly, and predicted that Lanez would prevail. Obviously, that did not happen. Lanez was found guilty and sentenced to ten years in prison for shooting Megan in the foot. Megan Thee Stallion was vindicated, and several people have come forward to issue an apology. Yung Joc is the latest.

Yung Joc went on Streetz Morning Takeover to make his apology official. He told the hosts that he was wrong for doubting Megan Thee Stallion. “I apologize for not supporting you in your moment and believing in the whole situation with you and Tory Lanez,” he stated. “I still have questions, ’cause I’m human.” The rapper also made reference to the bet. In short, he promised to shave his head if Lanez went to prison. “I think that the moment when I made the bet,” he recalled. “Although we did it in a fun kinda way–maybe, just maybe, I was out of line for doing that.”

Yung Joc Placed A Bet On Tory Lanez’s Guilty Verdict

Yung Joc didn’t stop there. The “Buy U A Drank” rapper followed through on the bet, and shaved his head in light of the guilty verdict. “I lost the bet,” he told the Morning Takeover hosts. “And somewhere in there, we may have been a little buffoonish. ‘Cause I really made a bet that this man was gon’ get off, and he didn’t. And I lost my hair. I’m sorry, Meg.” Yung Joc revealed that he was inspired to make an apology after Shannon Sharpe did the same on his podcast, Club Shay Shay.

Like Yung Joc, Sharpe expressed doubt over Lanez’s guilt. He tried to correct his mistake, however, by having Megan Thee Stallion on his podcast on July 2. He cleared the air right in front of her. “I believe the joke wouldn’t been just as funny if I would’ve left you out of it,” Sharpe explained. “So for any unwanted attention, harm, shame, embarrassment that I caused you or your family. I wanna say as a man, as I sit here before you, I apologize.”

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