Lil Wayne Says He Was Raped When He Was 11 Years Old

Lil Wayne Says He Was Raped When He Was 11 Years Old

It's been an interesting past week, to say the least.

R. Kelly has been on blast for the reason that launch of the Lifetime Docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, the place previous ladies, household, and buddies speak concerning the abuse they encountered from the R&B star. 

With the subject contemporary on everybody's thoughts, an old interview of Lil Wayne discussing shedding his virginity at age 11 has resurfaced. 

In the video which was uploaded in June of 2013, Wayne is heard talking with Lil Twist about shedding his virginity. 

They are within the studio with a big group of individuals, and we estimate the video was round 2008.

In the video, you’ll be able to hear…

Lil Wayne: How outdated are you, Twist?

Lil Twist: 15

Lil Wayne: You Ain't fucking but? 

The room bursts out in laughter and Lil Wayne says…

I been fucking since I used to be 11. I had Reginae after I was 15. I had my daughter when she was 15 nigga.

Then issues get somewhat darker and weirder…

I obtained raped after I was 11, Twist. I Loved it. I ain't by no means press expenses. 

I'ma do you want Baby and them did me. I'll always remember that day. They was all within the kitchen, I used to be scared. There was about this many niggas and shit there.

I'll always remember the phrases too. 'Suck Lil Wayne's little dick.' I'm sitting on the sofa, everybody in that bitch.

Wayne goes on to say Birdman told the girl she was a "good cocksucker" and to suck his "little dick." 

After the actions went down, Wayne says he walked out of there a brand new man and that's when he became Lil Wayne

You can peep the complete video under. 

Lil Wayne Says He Was Raped When He Was 11 Years Old

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