Bobby Shmurda Phone interview confirms he will be released from Prison in 2020 and denies beef with 6ix9ine –

Bobby Shmurda recently had a phone interview and he spoke on his prison release and some beefs that people have put his name in. When asked about being released from prison Bobby said “I got two years left. 2020 I’m coming out and f**king everything up.”

Then Bobby was also asked about Tekashi 6ix9ine and their reported beef and Bobby shut those rumors down. Bobby said “Aint no beef with 6ix9ine. There’s no problems. I been hearing a whole bunch of crazy sh*t and me out of everybody should know better not to listen whats going on and sh*t, […] First of all, I seen all the colors in the hair and all that crazy sh*t I started laughing like what the f**k is going on with this n***a, and this is entertainment. N***a gotta express himself the way he wanna express himself. That’s for all entertainers. Mother fuckers want to paint their hair pink, then paint your hair pink my n***a do you.”

Full Bobby Shmurda phone interview from Jail: