Bobby Shmurda’s Lawyer Discusses Client’s Prison Brawl

Kenneth Montgomery, the lawyer who represents Bobby Shmurda, does not deny that his client was involved in a brawl while behind bars.

He also says that being imprisoned has worn on Shmurda.

“The toll that it takes on you mentally, physically, intellectually, spiritually so what I say to people also is, you gotta survive in jail,” Montgomery says to Doggie Diamonds. “I’m not in there doing that time with him but he is a survivor and he understand where he is at. It’s unfortunate but he is a fighter and I don’t mean a physical fighter. I’m talking ’bout he has a fighting spirit and he’s doing his best as he possibly can.”

He continues by saying that his client has been exploited.

“It’s my opinion that Ackquille Pollard aka Bobby Shmurda was made an example of,” Montgomery says. “He represents a certain energy that is everywhere in this American space, I think even four corners of the Earth where you have Black men who have very little resources and opportunity and they’re taking advantage of what is available to them. I think he was made an example. Whenever you have a prosecutor send out pressers before they make an arrest and a perp walk, then there’s something else going on. I think what happened is, this young man, him and his co-defendants have been made an example. The industry, which has always been about exploitation, the people who green-lighted ‘Hot Nigga,’ LA Reid was a part of it, but it was mostly White guys.”

The lawyer says that Sony, parent company of Epic Records, the label that Shmurda signed to in 2014, should be responsible for the rapper’s bail.

“They didn’t want to come in and make a bail for this young man,” he says. “They wanted to capitalize on the energy that he had, but they wanted no parts of getting him out.”

Montgomery also says that his client has received little help from other rappers even though there have been campaigns on social media calling for Shmurda’s freedom and that of his GS9 crew.

“These rappers aren’t millionaires,” he says. “They’re personalities and brands and that’s all they are.”


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