Femi thrills with his experimental vibes on "Before I Go"

LA-based multi-talented artist Femi delivers his LP ‘From Spain With Love ‘ lead single titled “Before I Go”. A concept record in the form of a letter from the album’s protagonist to the lover he has to leave behind. The song, the first track on the album, charts the protagonist’s decision to leave from Cape Verde to Spain, setting the stage for the album’s overall journey, the dreams deferred and sought after in the process of immigration. The track is a solid blend of jazz, soul, hip-hop mixed with tribal influences.


About the LP ‘From Spain With Love ‘ l

After studying Amilcar Cabral (one of the leaders of the Cape Verdean revolution) while listening to Paco de Lucia and Seu Jorge, hip-hop and jazz fusion artist Femi weaved together From Spain With Love, a masterclass in colorful storytelling. A concept album in which each song on the album is a letter or message sent home by an emigrant from Cape Verde (former Portuguese colony), From Spain With Love tells the story of building a new life and family in Spain against the backdrop of an unforgiving world economy. Blending hip-hop, jazz, flamenco and other Andalusian music, rock and folk influences, Femi has created a full musical experience that blends genre lines and explores themes that feel essential to 2018.

Bio: Femi is a Nigerian American artist currently based in Los Angeles, California. He fell in love with the traditional music in Nigerian religious and social gatherings, learning traditional dances. After learning piano at the age of eight, he would spend his formative years learning saxophone and being exposed to the jazz and classical music. In college, he joined the Indiana University Soul Revue where he honed his skills even further, beginning to experiment more and more with hip-hop.

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