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In the world of mumble rappers, there’s a…

In the world of mumble rappers, there’s a number of Hip Hop artists that represent that laid back flow perfectly. Chill rap obviously has no boundaries, and is made by all sorts of characters. Check out our list of lazy-flow-havin', laid back rappers to satisfy all your chilling needs, from lazy Sunday afternoons to before bedtime sessions.

Avantdale Bowling Club - “Years Gone By”

Perhaps the best way to describe this record is through Tom Scott’s words: "This record is about...growing up. I think. It's about dealing with your own stuff for once. Accepting responsibility, maybe. It's a self help book addressed to myself. And just like every other piece of art ever made in history of the hominid, I was going through some shit when I was making it. I'd just left home and everyone I knew, looking to chase a dream. It was an awkward phase, like stage two puberty. I was learning how to be grown. Humility had my pride in a headlock. I was the old man at the art exhibition, the young boy at the art gallery. Everyone was in a K-hole, I was at K-Mart."

MF DOOM - “lil Mufukuz”

The masked villain doesn't turn up on his indie beats. He isn't making songs for the club, he doesn't care about radio play or billboard charts. What he cares about the most is making people think through his music.

DUCKWRTH - Bernal Heights

Take the time to listen to this track fully. Embrace the energy that DUCKWRTH puts into "Bernal Heights." Let it flow through your mind-bodies and sensor-cores. Keeping in mind that we're entering the first autumnal trimester, you'll notice the song's beat possesses many similarities to the tantric-movement of the birth signs from this period. Just incase it seemed that this was a normal song, it's not. It's actually a meta-yogic time stone that has parsed into music.

Sshabazz - “Don’t Know Thee”

Niccolo aka Shabazz is a man of many talents, aspirations and ideas. Embodying truth, soul, swag, and a raw spirit, he is a culmination of the experiences and trials and tribulations he’s endured.. When it’s all said and done, Shabazz is more interested in being a Revolutionary than a Rapper. Check out his single “Don’t Know Thee” where the artist shows his versatility and drops some truth bombs feat Leen.

Juju The Dragon - Yabadabadoo It

Australian rapper/producer Juju the Dragon’s self-titled debut is effortlessly smooth. “Yabadabadoo It” is a slow jam with attitude, blending his eclectic influences. The track is honest and relatable. The album moves between R&B crooning and smooth bars of clever lyricism that are inexcusably Australian but with a modern hip-hop feel. Careful acoustic percussion and double bass riffs give the LP a relaxed feel throughout; the perfect accompaniment for a sunny afternoon.

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