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Whenyoung Starting off in Limerick and Clare in…


Starting off in Limerick and Clare in Ireland, Andrew Flood, Aoife Power and Niall Burns later decamped to London where their musical vision started to take shape, first as the band Sisters and now as their present incarnation, Whenyoung. Their opening single Actor (which, pleasingly, contains the uber-Irish diss ‘chancer’ in the lyrics) set out their stylistic stall pretty well from the start – bright, shiny, hyper-melodic indie rock delivered with a dose of emotional torment. Aka, the ingredients for most good indie bands.

The Other End

The Other End have been labeled «... one of the most exciting new bands from Scandinavia», and got international praise for their cutting edge sound and exploration of slowcore and dark indie pop when entering the music scene in Norway in 2018.

The release of their 5-track debut-EP saw them being signed by Just Isn't Music (Ninja Tune) and earned them a spot at ØYA 2018. The band has also been compared to acts such as London Grammar, The xx and Daughter, and reviewers have characterized their music as «simply spellbinding» and «beautifully haunting».

Becky And The Birds

What makes Becky And The Birds good? Listening to the EP feels like dipping into an enclosed, unique world - like a standalone vision, an avant garde blend of choral harmonies, digital soul music, hip-hop, R’n’B, pop and more. Whether the songs are slow and air like Malaysia and Concept Store, or more forceful, cathartic and hard-hitting like Holding On and Die While You Love Me, they come from the same stylistic cloth, different members of the same musical family. Served up with relatively little press and hype this year, it’s a record that feels like a special, secret discovery. With more music set to come from Becky in 2019 however, it probably won’t feel like a secret for much longer.


So far, Benz aka Ebba Salomonsson only released one single but The Smile already turned out to be one of my favourite musical discoveries of the past year. The young artist from Norrköping, Sweden delivered an uplifting and yet very dreamy piece of dream pop with this song. It’s just the sort of sound that gets me anytime. It’s an uplifting, yet somehow melancholic reflection about loss and longing for something that’s not present anymore and it works even better when you watch the accompanying music video for it which has been directed by Ebba Gustafsson Ågren of beloved Swedish duo Wy.

Yuno Verse

Netherlands-based artist Yuno Verse is releasing his second track titled “Indigo” after receiving recognition for his debut single “Walls Of White” featuring Paya - breaking all stigma on what rappers sound and look like. Overflown with depth and strongly defying the rigid classification of Hip-Hop, Yuno Verse offers a sophisticated, authentic, and autobiographical body of work, sharing an elaborate story with the world. Everything about Yuno screams ‘Ambition’ and that should make you excited as well for his debut project Massimo’s Pigeon which is set for a spring release in 2019.

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