217Vinci On Top Of His Game With “Memories”

Renowned hip-hop artist 217Vinci dives into 2023 with more prowess we can handle! His latest single “Memories” dropped not too long ago with a music video and hundreds upon thousands of plays. The emotive artist shows his audience a glimpse of his own life, a sort of reflection on the days past. In his own words: “I had to grow up and mature at a young age so it’s really about jumping in the streets and surviving, but really being able to reflect on what happened.”

217Vinci aka Davonte is a rising vocalist and hip-hop artist from Boston, whose artistry and unique approach to music creation has already captivated hundreds of thousands of listeners. His inspiration derives from rhythm, blues, and pop, and of course, monumental artists whose contribution to the industry cannot be measured. 217Vinci has previously shared multiple singles and EPs like “Zookeeper”, “Ghetto Angel”, “Disappear”, “Hunnit Steppas” and so on. 

217Vinci most certainly has more extraordinary pieces to share so look out for this artist!