50 Cent Destroys Rick Ross On Instagram Live With Keith Sweat 

50 Cent is taking full advantage of Rick Ross’s recent troubles in Vancouver, roasting him during an Instagram Live chat. 

On Tuesday (July 2), the G-Unit honcho hopped on a rare IG live session to chop it up with fans. He was joined by a few of his celebrity pals, including Keith Sweat and DJ Earthquake. 

At one point during the discussion, the conversation turned to 50 Cent’s longtime nemesis, Rick Ross. Drake fans jumped the MMG honcho and his crew at a festival after the DJ played Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like us.” 

“You saw that s### that happened in Canada, man? Rick Ross got f##### up,” Diddy said while throwing mock punches.  

“All his bodyguards need to resign,” Earthquake added amid fits of laughter. “They failed the number one thing. They ain’t guard nobody body, including they own!” Keith Sweat kept the jokes coming, breaking into his song “Something Just Ain’t Right.” 

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50 Cent Sends A Message To Rick Ross

Of course, this isn’t the first time 50 Cent has roasted Rick Ross over the brawl. He rushed to Instagram the morning after the altercation with a video PSA.   

“I hope that he now has a different perspective and a better sense of what to do and what not to do while you’re out in the world,” Fiddy said before suggesting Ross get better protection. “Pick up ya mans he over there laid out. LOL.” he added. 

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While 50 Cent let the jokes fly, Marlon Wayans urged Rick Ross to make peace with Drake.  

“It’s all fun and games until people start getting hurt. Remember this, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF!” Wayans began. “I knew Tupac, I knew Biggie. I partyed with them, hung out with them, saw them both 20 minutes before they got shot. Violence is real. Everyone can be touched. Don’t entertain the devil.” 

Meanwhile, Rozay also took to Instagram Tuesday evening. He shared an extreme close-up video of his face after ex Tia Kemp trolled him, claiming he was hiding injuries from the brawl.