Blac Chyna’s Mom Flashes The Game After He Claims Her Daughter Was Good In Bed 

The Game was spilling tea about his alleged relations with Blac Chyna on the debut episode of her mother, Tokyo Toni’s Aunt Tea Podcast

On Sunday (July 7), Zeus Network aired the premiere episode of the show hosted by Tokyo Toni, Karissa Saffold (Blueface’s mom) and Tia Kemp (the mother of Rick Ross’ eldest child).  

The trio, known for their wild internet antics, got messy before their first guest, The Game, even appeared.  

“This Black-ass n#### that’s about to come out, done f##### my daughter. I wanna hear about it,” Tokyo Toni said before introducing The Game. “Well I tried to get him to f### my daughter,” Saffold interjected. 

“Bring out The Game, with the good big dick,” Toni added.  

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Things got flirty between The Game and Tokyo Toni but Tia Kemp tried to shut it down. 

“You done had the daughter now you tryna get the momma. That s### ain’t right dawg. You ain’t got it like that, respect these aunties over here nephew,” she said.  

However, The Game took it as an opportunity to tell Tokyo Toni how good Blac Chyna was in bed. “I ain’t never told nobody mama this about their kid in my life, but today gone be the night. Your daughter ain’t no slouch down there,” he said.  

Tokyo Toni then raised one foot on the sofa and spread her legs, flashing The Game. “Me too,” she said.  

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Clips of the podcast were shared online, with Toni catching heat for her antics. Many social media users felt she embarrassed her daughter, who turned over a new leaf last year. She was baptized, got clean and now goes by Angela White.  

“Why would Tokyo toni say the game fkd blac chyna when that lady done gave her life to god and got a new man lol that’s so embarrassing,” one person wrote on X (Twitter). 

“the game weird asl talking about Blac Chyna on this show like this,” another person added. “Tokyo Toni even WEIRDER for entertaining it.” 

The Game also faced backlash for mentioning Black Chyna. Check out some of the reactions below.