Boosie Badazz Allegedly Had Woman Removed From Club After She Said His Breath “Stank”

Boosie Badazz is receiving some flack on social media after a woman claimed she became at odds with him and his security after voicing her concerns about his hygiene.

It all apparently went down on Independence Day at a club the “Wipe Me Down” rapper made an appearance at, which is believed to be King Of Diamonds (KOD). According to the woman in question, she and Boosie had an interaction, during which she claims she told him his breath stinks.

Though the video the woman shared remarking on the incident doesn’t show the alleged interaction, Boosie can be seen seemingly glaring in the woman’s direction shortly before the video abruptly cuts. The next clip features the woman detailing on camera how she was allegedly thrown out of the club by Boosie’s security sometime after their interaction.

“He [Boosie Badazz] got mad, so, he sent security up there,” the woman said. “Where we at? We was at KOD. He sent security up there. They come to get me. I’m like, dang, look y’all, how I’m small. I didn’t even do anything. Your breath was stank. But because I told you your breath was stank, you got me kicked out the club. I’m never going to nothing else.”

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Though Boosie Badazz has yet to respond to the allegation, users on Twitter quickly picked up the story and ran with it.

“Know he sent his security to go get him a pack of gum right after that,” one user wrote in a tweet to which another replied, “Bruh probably had some gumbo before the hitting the club.”

Others speculated that the woman wasn’t innocent in her resolve, considering she made a post suggesting she made the trip to the club solely to see Boosie Badazz, only to disparage him after the fact.

“or maybe it was because she was in his section fanned out with a phone just recording him while he was tryna vibe? cause he look irritated ash,” the user wrote. Another user added, “It’s all in his face he spotted her ass talking bout it with friends.”

While the full details of the incident are still unconfirmed, this wouldn’t be the first occurrence of Boosie Badazz booting a fan from the function. A drunk woman was caught on video being removed from the Baton Rouge rapper’s pool party before being slammed on the ground.

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