Camila Cabello Says Caribbean Trip With Drake Wasn’t Vacation—But It Revealed His “Humanity”

Drake and Camila Cabello’s recent Caribbean getaway was apparently more like a work trip than a baecation, according to the vocalist herself.

During a recent interview with NBA player Jimmy Butler, Cabello provided more context about the alleged vacation she shared with Drake in Turks and Caicos. Though it appears as though she tried to sidestep the question, at first, the Miami Heat star guard remained persistent in his quest to find out more about the highlights of the work retreat, at the discretion of the producers of the interview.

“Well, I didn’t vacation with Drake,” Cabello said in part before adding, “Well we had this song on our album. We had to finish it. So we went on vacation.”

As Cabello continued, she appeared to try to attempt to take some of the heat off of the conversation by bridging the gap between herself and Butler.

“Everybody knows Turk and Caicos for two days, but it was also to finish our f###ing incredible banger that you’re going to hear so it was productive. You know about working and vacationing.”

Though it was clear Cabello was ready to switch subjects, Butler managed to get her to dish about the best part of the vacation, which led to somewhat of a surprising response.

“The best thing about it was, honestly, I’ve been listening to Drake for so long. It’s great to get to know someone who you respect and admire from the outside and then you get to know them and you have more respect and admiration for them for just the kind of person they are and how they treat people and their generosity and their kindness,” she said.

She added, that the jet skis are also fun while also mentioning that hanging with Drake allows you to see “the humanity” he exudes, which Butler co-signed by adding, “Yeah, he’s a good dude I f##k with Drake.”

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In case you missed it, rumors were swirling that Drake and Cabello were involved in a fling following their tropical getaway to Turks and Caicos in March. Not to mention rumors about their connection intensified following her recent performance at Rock in Rio music festival in Brazil, where Cabello teased multiple new records from her upcoming album C,XOXO, including a clip of her “UUGLY” collaboration featuring Drake.

The clip and question captures Drake opting for a more melodic approach as he croons the phrase “CC they want me to break it down” in a soothing, non-aggressive cadence. Almost immediately, social media users discovered the video and began reacting to it.

Check out the clip below.

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