CJ the DJ and Blackjack “The Don” Drop A Hit Single – “Special To Me”

Atlanta-based musicians, singers, and songwriters CJ the DJ and Blackjack “The Don” have recently released their latest production, the impactful hit single “Special To Me,” featuring the talented Jhonni Blaze. 

CJ The DJ migrated to the US from Jamaica where music is a huge part of the culture. His father is currently a music system owner and party promoter in Jamaica. Both artists had great passion for music and were curious about the music production process from a very young age. Their journey as a duo began on a school bus in sophomore year when the two guys were introduced to each other through a friend. Ever since then CJ the DJ and Blackjack “The Don” have been hanging out together and making great music.

To Date, their most popular singles include “Get Out Of The Bed”, “Clear The Smoke”, “What I Got On”, and “Turn The Lights Off.”

With “Special To Me” out on all streaming platforms, CJ the DJ and Blackjack “The Don” are surely on a roll, so make sure to stay updated with the pair’s developments in the coming months.