Diddy Lost All Remaining Support By Deleting Cassie Apology Video, Says Stephen A. Smith 

Stephen A. Smith unleashed on Diddy in a furious rant, calling him out for deleting his apology video to Cassie Ventura. 

The fallen mogul recently scrubbed his Instagram account, deleting everything on his page, including the video apologizing to Cassie after footage surfaced of him brutally beating her in a hotel hallway. 

The move was highly criticized, and although Diddy’s reps reportedly maintain his apology was sincere, the damage was already done.  

Stephen A. Smith felt compelled to address the topic on the latest episode of his podcast. He blasted Diddy, branding his actions “foolish” and questioned his sincerity.   

“If you had a million photos, if you had a million videos, and you decided to delete 999,999, that’s the one you should’ve kept up—if you’re sincere,” the sports commentator declared. “And I know, that you’ve been taking a lot of hits, and there’s been shrapnels of criticism all over the place aimed in your direction. Not that it wasn’t deserved.” 

Meanwhile, back in May, Stephen A. Smith said Diddy’s career “as we know it,” is over. “It’s over in the worst possible way,” he added. “One of the worst possible ways you can imagine.” 

Nonetheless, Smith believes Diddy’s latest actions have caused even more damage. He also questioned why Diddy would remove his apology if he expected people to believe him. 

“Delete everything else; not that,” Smith continued. “Don’t you want people to know that you were contrite? That you were incredibly sorry? That you have profound regret for the egregious actions that you were caught on camera committing?” 

He concluded, “By deleting the video, you throw all of that out the window—the possibility of the very few people that would ever believe that really having a reason to continue to believe you.”