Diddy Sued For $30 Million By Man For Sexual Assault In Latest Sordid Lawsuit – Mogul Denies Claim

Music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is being targeted by a former male employee who goes by the name “Lil Rod” in a $30 million lawsuit over allegations of sexual assault.

The lawsuit is the latest legal challenge for Diddy, who has been sued for alleged gang rape, sexual assault, trafficking his ex-girlfriend Cassie, and supposedly stealing the phrase “Act Bad.”

According to the new lawsuit filed in federal court, Lil Rod, born Rodney Jones, accuses Diddy of sexual harassment and assault, claiming that the incidents have caused him significant emotional and psychological distress.

The sordid lawsuit claims Diddy would walk around naked in front of Lil Rod. He also claims Diddy would g#### his genitals and somehow, touch his a###.

In one damning piece of evidence, Lil Rod claims he was forced to watch a video of Stevie J., who was part of Bad Boy’s legendary Hitmen production team, having sex with another man. He even provided a screencap of the alleged video in his complaint.

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Lil Rod also claimed he was possibly drugged and raped at one of Diddy’s parties at his Miami mansion, where the mogul allegedly instructed son Justin to find underaged girls, who were plied with liquor laced with drugs.

Diddy’s legal team has vehemently denied the accusations, labeling Lil Rod as a “liar” who is “shamelessly looking for an undeserved payday.” They argue that the lawsuit is baseless and a reckless attempt at name-dropping to exploit the music mogul’s fame for financial gain.

“We have overwhelming, indisputable proof that his claims are complete lies,” Diddy’s lawyer Shawn Holley told TMZ. “Our attempts to share this proof with Mr. Jones’ attorney, Tyrone Blackburn, have been ignored, as Mr. Blackburn refuses to return our calls. We will address these outlandish allegations in court and take all appropriate action against those who make them.”

Interestingly, Tyrone Blackburn represents another Jane Doe accusing Diddy of sexual assault. He has also represented women who accused T.I. of sexual assault – which went nowhere.

He is currently in a war with Nicki Minaj’s husband, who allegedly tried to get his attempted rape victim, Jennifer Hough, to recant her testimony to get off of the Sex Offender Registry.