Drake Makes Another…ALLEGED Slimey Move!

Watch out, Houston Williams! I saw your recent call-out. I’m here to show you why I do what I do! I’m going to build on your rumor, introduce a new one, and then create another!

You mentioned that it appears Drake is targeting his enemies’ exes. That may be true, but what about other loved ones? What about rappers’ daughters? Allegedly, Mos Def has a rapper daughter, and she’s pretty good! She’s already appeared on AllHipHop’s Instagram.

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I had nothing to do with the headline!

Well, it just so happens that Drake recently started following this rapper’s daughter. This seems like some serious stewing, trolling, and anger he’s holding deep within his mind! Remember, Mos Def was critical of Drake and put him in the pop category of Hip-Hop. He really did not even consider him Hip-Hop at all! And this brings us to this:

FYI: her followers went up like 40K based on Drake following. So that is positive.

Some of us wish him well, but I don’t think this is the best approach. First of all, this girl is young. According to some reports, she is barely 18. It looks like women are becoming the vehicle for revenge, not rap songs or hit records. I hope he’s not doing this. In fact, I hope he’s not even considering it.