Drake’s Curse Could Spill Over Into NCAA Amid March Madness Uptick

Drake could be on the verge of extending his fabled curse and internally affecting the outcome of the NCAA’s March Madness.

In case you missed it, Drake spent time with Houston University’s Men’s basketball team on Selection Sunday to help them celebrate their No. 1 overall seed in the South Region of the upcoming NCAA Tournament. Commemorating the event, the team captain, Jamal Shead, even presented Drake with his own custom jersey.

Tilman J. Feritta, the chairman at the university and owner of the Houston Rockets, invited Drake to the school to celebrate with the players. And based on Feritta’s comments on Drake’s visit coupled with Houston’s loss to Iowa State University (ISU) the day prior during the Big 12 Championship, he’s either completely oblivious to the curse or unbothered by it.

“We always want to welcome a guy who calls Houston his second home,” Feritta said. “He really wants to be a part of the community. Huge sports fan, he can play a little b-ball too.”

Houston will take on the Longwood University Lancers in their first-round matchup, where they will look to rally a win following the 69-40 loss to ISU. As if overcoming a loss of that magnitude isn’t enough, now it appears Houston will also have to overcome Drake’s now negative sports betting differential as well. Following Anthony Joshua’s literal knockout performance against Drake’s favored heavyweight Francis Ngannou, odds aren’t looking too good for The Boy’s college team.

Check out the clip of Drake parlaying with the team below.