Kid Capri Condemns “Narcissistic Chicks In Their Cameras All Day”—Gets Called Out


Something Gillie The Kid said about women clearly resonated with Kid Capri, who promptly hopped on Instagram to share his thoughts on the topic. A few clips floating around on TikTok shows Gillie The Kid slamming superficial women.

In a lengthy post, Kid Capri agreed with Gillie The Kid’s sentiments and wrote, “Real s###. I’m tired of seeing narcissistic chicks in their camera all day, show me you know how to take care of a business, take care of a child, a home or how smart you are, show me a talent!!

“Some chicks wake up at 7 in the morning and the first thing they do before washing their a#### or brush teeth, or even get breakfast, they post a picture with their fat a#### bent over at 7 in the m0rning! Fact is, there are plenty of bad chicks all over the world, ok, what’s next? When’s the last time you seen a young woman dance regular without twerking?”

He added in the caption, “Being sexy is one thing, over doing it is another, No hate at all, and I really don’t care if you don’t agree, but @gilliedaking said he’s tired of woman calling themselves bad b*tches, and I agree,” he wrote in the caption. “S#### corny! And if that’s the only thing you got going for you, then you could never handle a man like me, woman can be sexy and have fun, but people gotta get their minds right. I said what I said.”


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Kid Capri got support from Pete Rock, who wrote, “GEN Z and even deez older women with teenage behavior bro it’s sickening @kidcapri101 you are right” and Fat Boys rapper Kool Rock Ski, who wrote simply, “PURE FACTS.”

But other people, mostly women, took issue with Kid Capri’s comments. As one person wrote, “Policing women is at an all time high. If it’s not someone you are in a healthy relationship with, why speak on it? How is it effecting you? Why so much focus on controlling what some women do or don’t do based on your own moral standard? If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you.

“Posting these ‘hot takes’ just opens the door for women bashing. And same for posts about what some men are doing somewhere that a woman doesn’t agree with. Engage with the kind of people you want to engage with. It’s that simple.”

Another woman countered, “Soooooo….when will the conversation happen around the thousands of men who give attention to the women you’ve spoken about.”

Still, other women were happy Kid Capri said something. As one put it, “I love to hear men express this way. They don’t listen when other women say it. So to hear it directly from the men they seek to impress may hit home.”

Kid Capri might want to pay closer attention when he’s scrolling. Another person explained, “To be fair, the algorithm shows you what you frequently choose to look at. What you frequently like, what you engage with. If you chose to engage with said ‘fat a####’ then that’s what you will see. My feed shows me music, art, politics, entrepreneurship. I don’t engage with the things I don’t want to see. Best way to solve that problem is to engage with what you want. The algorithm essentially functions like a mirror in to your behavior online.”