Lil Yachty & James Blake Recall “Craziest” Studio Sessions With Young Thug 

Young Thug has a very unorthodox approach to making music, so much so that Lil Yachty and James Blake both shared that they had the craziest-ever studio session with the YSL rapper. 

Yachty hosted Blake on his A Safe Space Podcast ahead of their upcoming joint album Bad Cameo.  During the show, Lil Boat asked the British singer about the “craziest” studio session he’d ever had. 

“Probably Young Thug, during Covid,” Blake replied before Lil Yachty added, “I was just about to say the same thing. Young Thug, for me, was definitely the craziest session ever.”

Yachty then went on to describe a chaotic session with Young Thug. “It’s 60 people in a room, the mic’s in the room, he’s recording in the room. No one stops talking, it’s weed smoke, there’s nowhere to sit, the lights are low,” he recalled. 

Despite his session with Thugger taking place during the global pandemic, Blake shared a “very similar” experience. “And nothing stops, it’s like it just carries on, he keeps recording. It doesn’t matter that you’re there,” he added. 

Nonetheless, according to Blake, Young Thug was “very supportive” and made sure he was straight even with all the distractions around him.   

While Lil Yachty was shocked by Young Thug’s recording style, he greatly valued his opinion and once scrapped an entire album on Thug’s advice. Yachty went back to the drawing board three times on his Lil Boat 3 album. 

“One time I played it for Young Thug,” he explained during an interview last year. “He said it was dog s### so I just started over.” 

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