“Lizzo” Chants & Monkey Noises Weaponized To Harass Black Pro-Palestinian Protestor

An ugly incident occurred at a pro-Palestinian protest held at Ole Miss on Thursday (May 2). White students repeatedly shouted “Lizzo!” and imitated a monkey to mock a Black protester on the campus.

Footage of the racist behavior surfaced on social media. Rep. Mike Collins of Georgia endorsed the antics on X (formerly known as Twitter).

“Ole Miss taking care of business,” Collins wrote.

Anti-war demonstrations are taking place around the world, including various college campuses in the United States. Demonstrators oppose Israel’s actions in Gaza, which has been ravaged by a monthslong military assault.

More than 34,000 people have been killed. Palestinian health officials admit they can no longer keep count of the death toll.

The University of Mississippi, commonly referred to as Ole Miss, appeared to be an unlikely setting for a pro-Palestinian protest. Ole Miss is the flagship university of a very conservative state. The school’s sports teams are nicknamed the Rebels, an obvious nod to the Confederacy.

According to the student newspaper The Daily Mississippian, roughly 30 protesters gathered to support Palestine at Ole Miss on Thursday. Jana Abuirshaid, a sophomore who participated in the protest, spoke about the group’s mindset going into the demonstration.

“We were a little bit worried, but we knew that we were exercising our right to free speech, and honestly we knew that there might be risks,” Abuirshaid told The Daily Mississippian. “But our intention was not to bring a riot or to have an escalation with the police. Our intention was to have our message brought.”

Hundreds of counter-protesters left the pro-Palestinian group outnumbered. Counter-protesters chanted “We want Trump!” and sang the national anthem in response to the protest. Antagonists even threw water bottles at the protestors. The pro-Palestinian group was escorted away from the area after bottles were thrown.