Megan Thee Stallion Seeks Dismissal Of Ex-Cameraman’s “Salacious” Lawsuit

Megan Thee Stallion asked a California judge to dismiss her former cameraman’s headline-generating lawsuit against her. According to court documents obtained by Meghann Cuniff, the multi-platinum-selling rapper filed a motion for dismissal based on lack of jurisdiction on Tuesday (June 25).

“This case involves an alleged incident that occurred out of the country, an out-of-state plaintiff and an out-of-state defendant with no minimum contacts with California,” Megan’s lawyers wrote. “Defendant Megan Thee Stallion (Megan Pete or ‘Ms. Pete’) is a citizen of Florida. Plaintiff Emilio Garcia is a citizen of Texas. By Plaintiff’s own admission, his false tort claims against Ms. Pete arise from conduct that purportedly occurred in Ibiza, Spain. And Plaintiff’s meritless labor claims relate to a contract that expressly classifies him as an independent contractor and provides for New York law and the exclusive jurisdiction of New York courts. Put simply, California has no jurisdiction over Ms. Pete in this case and her Motion should be granted.”

Garcia sued Megan for harassment and labor code violations in April. Garcia accused Megan of forcing him to watch her have sex with a woman when he worked for her. The incident allegedly occurred in Ibiza in 2022. He was fired in 2023.

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Megan’s attorneys labeled Garcia as a “con artist.” They said Garcia was terminated for repeatedly falsifying invoices and overcharging her for services he never completed. Megan’s legal team called Garcia’s lawsuit a “legally and factually frivolous complaint” filled with “unfounded salacious claims.”

“Plaintiff took a run-of-the-mill wage and labor dispute governed by New York law under the terms of his contract and trumped it up with sensationalist claims of sex, debauchery, and workplace harassment for the sole purpose of seeking attention for his own middling amateur artist career and to tarnish the reputation of Ms. Pete,” Megan’s attorneys wrote. “Indeed, Plaintiff and his counsel went on a press tour after filing suit to drum up attention for his meritless lawsuit.

If Megan’s motion for dismissal is granted, Garcia’s case will likely be refiled in New York. The cameraman’s lawsuit sought more than six figures in damages.