Megan Thee Stallion’s Album Release Thrown Into Chaos Over Last-Minute Anime Sample Clearance Issue 

Megan Thee Stallion has revealed that the release of her upcoming self-titled third album was thrown into chaos after a last-minute clearance issue with an anime sample. 

The “Hiss” hitmaker and anime superfan has been teasing a hard-to-get anime sample for weeks. However, after revealing the sample was cleared last month, she received a request to change the track the day before release.  

On Wednesday (June 26) a panicked Megan hopped on Instagram Live to discuss the problem with her fans. “I’m stressed out hotties,” Megan began. “I just came on here to tell you guys about my day really quick cuz I’m going through it.” 

After explaining that her album is slated for release at midnight on Thursday (June 27) Megan shared, “Y’all would never believe what the f### just happened to me.” 

Megan added that although she’s “very grateful” to have an anime sample, it was “probably the hardest song” to clear.   

When Megan first submitted the song, she was asked to make a few changes. Then, she was told she “Cannot cosplay any of the characters” from the anime in the music video. Megan said she complied because she badly wanted the song.  

“Last night we get an email that say ‘actually I need you to take out the names of the characters that’s in the show,’” Megan exclaimed, dramatically extending the last letter of the sentence.  

“That is the whole song,” she said adding, “that makes the song make sense.” 

The sample owners told Megan they would clear either the music or the character’s names, but not both. “The music is what’s really important to me,” Meg explained. “But the names really tied it all together.” 

The H-Town Hottie recalled she rushed to her makeshift studio to change the song.  

“I really hope y’all think this s### sound fire because I had to jump through eight million hoops to get this,” she stated. “Once y’all hear the sample y’all going to know why they was giving us a hard time.” 

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