MeRCY Releases New EP ‘Michael Myers’ & “Scary Hours” Visual


Inspired by the iconic horror-film antagonist, Florida native MeRCY delivers his latest effort titled Michael Myers.

[embedded content]

The haunting new project features 8-tracks, with just one guest feature from Jug the iLLest. Continuing his ‘Michael’ themed releases, MeRC’ paints an endless series of chilling, near-surreal cinemas-capes over dark production provided by SlimRock, Homage, JQ Mr. 54 and more.

“I wanted to continue the ‘Michael’ saga. So just how I released “Iron Mike”, “Miguel McForeign Story”, and soon “Michaelangelo”.. I wanted to indulge in something dark and grimace [like] on some Mobb Deep sh**.”

He continued: “My underground, my underworld… where I can escape in character. Michael Myers was fitting so I took advantage of that. My engineer, SlimRock [and I] wanted to create something thrilling and dark.. [that] hardcore Hip-Hop. The perfect playlist for Halloween you could say.”

The EP is superbly moody and dark, with the swirling horror film feel provided by some quick fan favorites such as “The Shape (Nightmares)” and the hypnotic “Scary Hours.”

MeRCY also wasted no time releasing an accompanying visual for “Scary Hours.”