Safaree Bashed Online For Partying As Erica Mena Continues Deadbeat Dad Accusations 

Safaree is catching heat online after his ex-wife Erica Mena claimed he doesn’t care about their two children. 

On Wednesday evening (July 10) Safaree took to Instagram with footage from Larsa Pippen’s birthday party just hours after the mother of his children blasted him for neglecting their kids. 

He shared a video of him partying with Pippen and her guests and flexed his flashy jewelry on his Instagram Story. 

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Erica Mena Accuses Safaree Of Not Taking Care Of Their Kids Properly

Meanwhile, earlier on Wednesday Erica Mena admitted she was “embarrassed,” by him. She also shared more allegations that he doesn’t look after his kids properly and goes months at a time without seeing them. 

“You finally pop out at Legend’s bday — empty-handed and NEVER offering to pay half for anything like always,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “You came for your quick once every few months photo opportunity with them and bounced.” 

She then claimed that when Safaree took the kids last Saturday (July 7), nobody cared for their son’s hair despite playing in a chlorinated pool. 

“You have no problem making sure you a bad b#### all the time,” Mena continued. “Why can’t my babies be dressed and groomed properly like you do for you when you have them? A part of being a bad b#### is really taking care of your kids so this is where I draw the line…not grooming and properly dressing your kids every time you have them it’s honestly despicable.” 

In a follow-up post, Erica Mena accuses Safaree of dressing their children in “sloppy and cheap” clothing to get at her.  

“You got all this money so you tell the world and you got all these diamonds but yet why is it when you have your kids they walking around looking like this? Did grandma and auntie not feel the need to grab a comb for you babies Sis?” she questioned. 

Meanwhile, social media users slammed Safaree in the comment section of his post. 

“He fresh 2 def but got them kids hair wit chlorine in it,” one person wrote. “The nerve of him.” 

Another added, “Dammm he really don’t careeeeee,” while others urged him “Go get them kids.”