Saucy Santana Reacts To Gilbert Arenas Praising His Twerking Skills: “I Had A Crush On You”

The online back-and-forth between Gilbert Arenas and Saucy Santana took an unexpected turn. An exchange that began with tension seems to be transforming into mutual admiration.

Gilbert Arenas initially got Saucy Santana’s attention after making fun of the openly gay rapper’s friendship with Nick “Swaggy P” Young. That conversation between Arenas and Young elicited a response from Santana.

However, Arenas changed his tune while speaking with Nick Young again. This time the former Washington Wizards guard praised Saucy Santana’s twerking ability.

“I’m not gonna lie… If I had to rate between who’s better, him or Megan Thee Stallion, I don’t know who I’m gonna throw my dollars to,” Gilbert Arenas told Nick Young.

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A clip of that No Chill Gil moment made the rounds on social media. Saucy Santana got wind of what Gilbert Arenas had to say about his dancing skills and shared his reaction to those remarks.

“WAIT- ayoooo, Gil! Lemme holla at u!!! I had a crush on you since I was [a] kid. U my baby daddy [tongue emoji],” Saucy Santana tweeted on Sunday (March 17).

Previously, Santana took issue with Arenas suggesting a straight man like Nick Young cannot be friends with him because of his sexuality. The “Material Girl” performer joined Young as a cast member for season three of College Hill Celebrity Edition.