Eminem & Beyonce’s "Walk On Water" Video Is Here

Eminem & Beyonce's "Walk On Water" Video Is Here

Here it is!

After teasing the "Walk On Water" video the other day, the platinum selling, Grammy Award winning, fire spitter has finally unveiled the video featuring Beyonce.

This simple, yet effective video matches the thoughtful feel the song, while performing in a dark room with a mic and sitting in a classroom with other look-a-likes.

It's been revealed that Adele was originally supposed to be on the hook, but it did not happen because the singer had damaged her vocals earlier this year. Beyonce came through fantastically, however.

"Revival" has moved 265k copies in the first week which will give it a number one spot on Billboard 200 next week!

Watch the "Walk On Water" video exclusively on Apple Music.

Does the video do the song justice?

Eminem & Beyonce's "Walk On Water" Video Is Here

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