Flo Rida Speaks Out On Baby Mama Asking For Child Support

Earlier in the week, we reported that Flo Rida had a baby with a woman, but allegedly he wasn’t paying child support. Now, Flo Rida is calling out the baby mama, saying that he’s in fact dishing out money for the kid.

Sources close to Flo Rida told TMZ that he’s been forking over monthly payments $5k to Alexis Adams to support their seven-month-old son. The rapper was caught f guard with news Adams trying to take him to court. Sources say both Flo Rida and Adams agreed to the child support amount and her new complaints only stem from wanting for more money.

Adams admits she has been getting payments, but it hasn’t been enough to support herself and the baby — who has an ailment called hydrocephalus (excessive fluid in the brain that can cause harsh symptoms). Adams attributes her kid’s condition, the high cost living in New York City, and her inability to afford child care are the reasons she deserves more dough. Sources Adams say she never agreed the $5k she was getting from Flo Rida was enough. However, she went along with it because she needed the money.

We’ll see if a new settlement is reached. Let this be a lesson to everyone —  birth control is your friend.


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