Kendrick Lamar Names His Best Track

Kendrick Lamar Names His Best Track

When you think Kendrick Lamar, you think more his albums than you do his individual tracks.

However, he's certainly had some good songs. In a new interview with Touré, he names the To Pimp A Butterfly tune "Alright" as his best. 

"Alright," says Kendrick. "I'll say that's one my greatest records cause it gave these kids an actual voice, and the actual practice to go outside and make a difference."

Speaking motivation, later in the chat Kendrick explains that it takes failure to get to success. 

"Being in that studio, writing terrible verses, writing terrible hooks," Kendrick said his practice ritual. "Letting your homeboys friends and people you trust tell you that's garbage, growing thick skin, and getting back in there to do it all again."

He also singles out JAY-Z, Nas, Biggie and Snoop as artists who motivate him.

Kendrick Lamar Names His Best Track

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